Day: September 13, 2018

When Isaan meets Lanna: Discover a hybrid of cultures next to the Mae Kong River at Baan Tha Khan Thong

Life in Chiang Rai’s quiet “Baan Tha Khan Thong” community revolves around the nearby Mae Kong, the world-famous river that marks the border between Thailand and neighboring Laos towards the north. As a result, many of the fun and educational activities that await you here on this “One Night Stay with Locals” trip are based on (or close to) the water. For example, there’s a chance to take a boat trip out on the river to admire the majestic scenery from a different perspective, with the green rice paddies and steep mountains forming a picturesque backdrop. There’s also plenty of things to do and see on dry land, with this sleepy village being home to Sacha Inchi tea making, cotton weaving, and brown rice milling. You’ll be able to learn all about these traditional agricultural practices directly from the locals, who are happy to share their knowledge and let you get your own hands dirty by helping out, too. Of course, one of the best things about going on an adventure to a new place in Thailand is the food, and on this trip you’ll be discovering many exotic flavors and exciting northern dishes that are hard to find anywhere else in the country. Some of the culinary highlights that Baan Tha Khan Thong promises include grilled sticky rice and pumpkin with egg, parm pla, jaew bong, and fresh...

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Explore komodo through water ways with the help of boat tour Komodo

Orangutan’s population is declining every year and some money comes from eco-tourism. Despite the number of limited visitors each year, tour companies can arrange a visit to Kalimantan (East National Park in Borneo) and camp dense famous Rainforest Study Tanjing. You can talk directly to Orangutan on the visit to the Forestry Feed Station Ministry. A number of Habitats and transportation are made in the Kyodo Small Islands, Rinka and Priests as well as three large islands in the first systematic and ecologically popular place Komodo National Park. A visit with boat tour Komodo to this area can be associated with a driver tour because the reserve is believed to have 900-1,000 species of coastal...

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