Throughout the ages, Rome, the capital of the beautiful country of Italy has wondered people from the furthest corners of the world with its magnanimous history and for housing the papal kingdom. Along with that, the sun-kissed beaches of Amalfi in the perfect Mediterranean climate fascinate vacationers.  If you’re wondering to experience a memorable Italian vacation, do contact one of the most reputed tour organizers offering several tailor-made Rome tours for local and international tourists.

In Rome, explore the gigantic Colosseum, the pantheon, Museo E Gallaria Borghese throughout the day time while on a break, drive through the stone crafted roads toward Don Giovanni to grab a bite of the world-class pizza they prepare with the century-old recipes.

If you have been a Hollywood movie fan or have watched several movies created by the famous Italian directors locating their sets in Rome or in different parts of the country including Sicily, Malta etc, you would definitely aspire to take refuge to this amazing country with such a magnificent past and picturesque scenic beauty. The haunting remains of the jaw-dropping historical monuments will give you chills like they do to other first-time vacationers in the country.

Italy is the ideal fashion hotspot housing the boutique showrooms of the world-class designers from Versace to Emporio Armani. Though many Italian fashion houses import fashion collections from Paris but they also have the exclusive pieces which fashion connoisseurs love collecting from the Italian stores. If you’re a fashion worshipper- Rome is never going to disappoint you.

As you reach by the Tiber, take out a day for a complete leisure mood and only indulge yourself in doing nothing. The romans call it the pleasure of doing nothing day. Start by making a great breakfast and spend your day in complete leisure.

Visit Rome, get charged up as the city always inspires you.