3 Beach-Side Weekends to Unwind from Work


Sore muscles from doing physical labor or tension in your muscles from staying in one position for too long or being pushed to your physical limits is something seen across different kinds of jobs. The lack of rest from overtime and the stress of time-crunch deadlines can get to you. It is essential to take a break, not just for meals and sleep, but a real do-nothing day.

Here are three ways you can spend a weekend at the beach to de-stress:

  1. Do everything you would do at home at the beach

A slight change in the environment can do wonders with how you go about your business. Instead of waking up late and staying in, drive to the nearest beach with a novel you have been putting off and your favorite drink. You can sunbathe or sit under an umbrella while reading. During breaks in between chapters, you can look up and watch the waves lap on the shore. When you are having a day out at the beach, diversify your activities to avoid feeling bored. You can stroll around the beach and eat at the restaurants nearby.

If you want to release your endorphins, physical activities are the way to go. You can call up some friends and play beach volleyball. You can also take a short swim or jog along the shoreline. After you have worked up a sweat, take a break and listen to your favorite music. It is like a regular weekend made special just by being at the beach.

  1. Take a trip to the beach with friends

If you do not live near a beach, look for Tel Aviv vacation rentals on www.koshack.com. You can also find other short-term rentals in Israel with Jerusalem rentals among others when you want to try other locations. Renting a place allows you to accommodate more friends and can help you save money by cooking in instead of going out to eat. You can pack a weekend’s worth of ingredients for a late brunch to catch up on each other’s lives. Bring enough drinks for conversations at night.

During the day you can head over to the beach where you can jam together, swim, play games, or talk. You can change up the community for this trip. You could be with your parents, your cousins, work friends, or university friends. Make it a point to be with people who need to unwind just as much as you do. While it sounds like a contradiction, the need to focus; it is hard to break away from habits like checking your phone or thinking about work. People who remind you to live in the moment can give you the reprieve you need.

  1. Reflect by the beach, solo

Relaxing at the beach does not have to be a group affair. You can rent a room by yourself and consciously disconnect for two days; that means no cell phone and laptop. You can make the beach the place where you can reflect on things going on in your life. Identify the areas that overwhelm you. Writing down your thoughts and feelings can be your outlet. Sketching, making music, or meditating are other activities that can help you reflect. Sometimes it is best to be alone and listen to yourself. What have you been neglecting?

Your beach trip can be a healing experience emotionally, mentally, and physically. It is just what you need after a long week of hard work.

Image: Unsplash.com