5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Trade At A Festival


There are many reasons why a business should trade at a festival. If you run a small business say in catering or crafts and are just starting out, a festival is perfect. Trading at a festival can be a little daunting at first, especially if you haven’t done this before, there’s no need to worry. There are lots of business people in the same boat as you.

First decide which festival to sell your products at then take a look at box trailers like these so you have transport to take your goods to and from the festival. Choose from:-

  • General purpose flatbed trailers
  • Beavertail trailers
  • Flatbed trailers

Buying a trailer means your sale items will be safely and securely transported to the venue.

Make some cash at a festival

It’s a great idea to make cash at a festival especially with all the excitement going on all around. Here are five reasons to set up a stall or trade stand:-

  1. Start with a small festival as larger venues often charge a fortune for traders wanting a stand. Water and power are extra so take these into consideration.
  2. Plan ahead – festivals are often planned well in advance of the actual date, so do the same and plan ahead. You’ll do well if you market the day of the festival via Twitter, Facebook or any other social media.
  3. Have a stall that looks appealing with the goods nicely arranged. Remember the changing weather too – be prepared with an awning or some other form of cover to shelter you and what you have for sale.
  4. Festivals usually run over weekends or during the summer holidays so you could be onsite for up to six or seven days. Make plenty of time to set the stand up. Put plenty of energy into selling and you can leave the festival with cash in your pocket along with a feeling of great satisfaction.
  5. Festivals attract thousands of people who want to pick up a bargain, buy something a little quirky or just to have a good time. Selling goods that are a little unique and different will certainly be a good reason for your business to trade at a festival.
Go Fest in the village

Go Fest in the village

Trading at festivals is an excellent way to spread the word of your business, so find out more by clicking on relevant websites.

Taking your trailer to a festival

Do a little research to make sure there’s plenty of parking space at the festival of your choice. It’s advisable to see beforehand where your stand or stall is located just in case you need to take a trolley. How about going to a rock festival if you love music? Kill two birds with one stone by selling your products and dancing along to great music. There are plenty in the UK to choose from so check out where the next pop and rock festival is being held.