Awesome Beaches in Goa You Never Heard About


Everyone and their grandmothers know about the famous beaches in Goa and the whole shenanigans that you could get up to there. But what about those that don’t want to do all that? If you’re the kind of person that likes to sit and chill, away from everybody else and the hustle and bustle of the mainstreams beaches in Goa like a sad emo kid, then this list is definitely for you! Some of these beaches are at remote locations, some not so far away, so it would be great if you rent a self drive car or if you’re fond of super bikes then you can also rent a Harley Davidson in Goa . Let’s get to it then!

Ashwem Beach

Found just south of Arambol beach, this is a great place to get away from the heavily infested mainstream beaches of Goa. Having a long enough stretch, the place has quite some rocks also, but still a great beach. The best way to get here is to get hiking or just get a bike. Depending on your time of visit, you can find yourself witnessing a much sought after event where Olive Ridley turtles come in hordes and lay their eggs on the beach.

Velsao Beach

Another awesome beach that is pretty much isolated even during the tourist season, this is a great place to enjoy sea and sand in serene solitary bliss. The cool thing about this beach is the cool sea shells that you find laying all around. Do give this a check as it truly is an awesome underrated beach of Goa.

Betul Beach

Betul beach is a little ways off and is far from the other main attractions of Goa, which is exactly why this amazing beach has little to no travellers visiting here. Which also kind of explains why the beach is so clean. Even locals are quite few in number here with very few restaurants also. Other than that factor, it is a great place to kick back and enjoy the beach life.

Butterfly Beach

The name Butterfly comes from the different kinds of butterfly species that inhabit the area. One super-good looking beach, the only reason it has a low number of visitors is because the path that you need to take to reach this beach is through a dense forest where cars and bike is not possible. One could trek his or her way here or just take a boat and get here.

Agonda Beach

This beach is stupidly gorgeous with the views that you can find here. With not many people around and even lesser stalls and shops, this place gets even better to enjoy that solitude and peace that you don’t in everyday life. About 15 minutes from Palolem, the simplest way to get here is by renting out bikes. Check out as they provide a variety of different bikes on rent in Goa self drive based on your needs. All in all, if you disconnect yourself from the outside world, this is the place you need to be at!