Ayana 5 Star Hotels in Jakarta


Ayana.com is renowned for its collection of beautiful and exquisite hotels in its repertoire.

If you are looking for a hotel that meets your standards and offers great value and comfort you will definitely find it with them.

If you are looking for 5 star hotels in Jakarta, Ayana is your solution. You will experience great value, comfort and luxury in the close vicinity of the city and without the hustle and bustle. The Ayana Midplaza Jakarta, is 5 star hotel located just a few minutes drive from the airport and in the vicinity of the prime shopping district of Jakarta.

This hotel is suitable for business, parties, relaxation and holidays.

Listed are some of the amenities of luxury and class provided in this easy to access 5 star hotel.

Business benefits

Located in a prime location in a vibrant business district, the Ayana Midplaza in Jakarta is a favorite for companies that require a proper ambience to host and entertain their clients and employees.

This hotel offers conference rooms of different sizes to suit whatever event your company may be hosting at their premises. The conference rooms are spacious and well lit and provide ample technology for business presentations and voice projection so that one can be heard everyone in the room.

In addition, the hotel provides exquisite care to the participants in the conference. With prior arrangements, the conference participants get to receive their healthy and tasty snacks and meals on time to ensure that conference and business of the day goes ahead without a hitch in the program.

For businesses whose conference participants need a room, the hotel offers a business package that allows the busy executives ample rest, food and a fitness area access for as long as they stay with the hotel.

In addition, the hotel also has an executive lounge from where busy business executives can work as they have refreshments and enjoy the aerial view of the city.

In addition, the hotel provides complementary Wi-Fi to ensure that the business meetings flow smoothly with easy and faster communication.

Social Benefits

The Ayana Midplaza in Jakarta is in addition to a business focused hotel also a socially minded hotel. It offers its guests who are holidaying in Jakarta amenities that ooze class luxury, comfort and elegance that can only be expected from a 5 star hotel.

It has numerous restaurants where one can wine and dine. It offers local and international cuisine to its clients in an elegantly decorated ambience that helps build connections and conversations.

In addition, it has a fully equipped relaxation spa.  Its clients can expect high professional standards to help in their rest, relaxation and reinvigoration.

Its guests also have access to the sports and fitness facilities provided by the hotel. There is a standard tennis court where the guests can sweat it out as they play and practice. In addition there is a fully equipped gym ideal for the busy executive to keep fit and exercise in.

This hotel also offers a large swimming pool in their premises for exclusive use by their guest for exercise, rest and relaxation and to meet new people.

For those who have weddings, this hotel provides the ideal location in Jakarta. It has a grand ballroom with capacity for hundreds of individuals. The grand ballroom is suitable for weddings and other social events that involve hundreds of people.

After the wedding, the newlyweds can get a honeymoon suite in the hotel that provides them privacy, luxury and comfort during their special period.

Additional Benefits

The Ayana Midplaza in Jakarta is designed for the busy executive and the luxury seekers. Overlooking the busy cities, once you are within the hotel, you are set worlds apart from the outside world. Here, you are able to focus on yourself, take in the beautiful design right from the lobby to the rooms.

At the Ayana Midplaza Jakarta, you are guaranteed of excellent 5 star service.