Beginners’ Guide to Essential Camping Gear


Camping requires a lot of gear. You need a tent, sleeping bag, and plenty of other items. If you are planning one of your first camping trips, there are a few essential items that are easy to overlook. Make sure that you pack a solar panel charger, LED lighting, cooking gear, and eating utensils.

Image Source: Pixabay

Even a first-time camper knows that you need a tent and a sleeping bag for a camping trip. However, there are other items that you need to bring. Along with your sleeping accommodations, you need to gear up for cooking, eating, and safety. Here is a quick beginner’s guide to essential camping gear.

Use Solar Panels to Charge Electronics

Even during a camping trip, you may need to use electronics. You may need your phone to track your GPS position or a tablet to enjoy a video game when you get bored.

If you want the best power output, purchase the latest generation of solar panel mats. These mats feature Croc skin cell armour to protect the panels from damage. They are easy to use, durable, and portable, making them the perfect solution for charging devices during your trip.

Pack LED Torches and Camp Lighting

You also need lighting for your camping trip. Australia’s most trusted camping gear includes LED lighting and portable solar panels from Hard Korr Lighting. You have a wide selection of LED lights to consider packing for your camping trip, including torches, headlamps, and automotive light bars.

You may want to bring a variety of lights. Torches and headlamps are useful when walking in the dark, such as when finding a spot to relieve yourself during the night. Use automotive LED light bars to give your vehicle more lighting, ensuring that you can find your way to your campsite in the dark.

Cooking Gear and Eating Utensils

During your trip, you will likely need to prepare your own meals. Whether you choose to grill over the campfire or use a portable gas stove, you need at least a few basic cooking tools and eating utensils.

To get the campfire going, bring matches and extra paper for kindling. You should also bring spatulas, a frying pan, a cooking pot, and any other cooking gear based on the foods that you plan to cook. Do not forget to bring items to eat your food with, including plates and utensils.

You will obviously need more gear than the items discussed. Along with solar panels, LED lighting, cooking gear, and utensils, you should bring extra pillows, blankets, and camping chairs. You may also want to bring repair equipment for any of your gear, such as a repair kit for your tent, air mattress, or bicycle tires.