Do You Want To Go On A Truly Different Kind Of Holiday This Year?


The best holidays we have are the ones that are most memorable, but what makes for a truly memorable holiday, anyway? A great location, a spot of relaxation, the chance to become immersed in a new culture, and the excitement and stimulation of different sights and sounds all make up a holiday to remember. The problem is that so many people just end up going on the same old holidays year after year because they are comfortable.

Get Out Into the Mediterranean Sunshine

The fact is that seeing the sights from a Taxi window or a coach is no way to experience a holiday destination, no matter where it is. The only way to experience a culture and the sights, sounds, and smells of a place like Greece is by walking it.

The good news is that Greece walking tours are a new way to have a holiday. If the thought of going to the same old places and doing the same old things fills you with some dread, a walking holiday might actually be for you. So, why should you experience a walking tour anyway? Here are some great benefits:

  • Intimate cultural experience: The truth is that experiencing a culture through a Taxi window or with a whole bunch of other people is not really much of an experience at all. The only true way to immerse yourself into an exciting and rich culture like Greece is to actually walk it and feel the earth underneath your feet. By actually getting out and walking the trails and seeing the historic places under your own steam, you’ll build much better memories, and you will really get to know how things are on the ground.
  • Eco-friendly: One of the biggest reasons walking tours have taken off is that they are a lot more environmentally friendly. By getting out into the sunshine and the wind and experiencing a culture first-hand, you get out of the noisy and polluting vehicles. This is simply better for the environment and makes many people feel good about the contribution to minimising pollution.
  • Getting fit: For some people, having a holiday is all about relaxing and lazing around in the sun. This is all well and good, but it doesn’t necessarily lead to the most memorable or the most stimulating of holiday experiences. A walking tour offers everyone the chance to get out into the sunshine and increase their level of fitness in a low-impact manner.

Experiencing the Rich History of Greece

Greece has been home to many civilisations over the centuries. If you want to walk the roads and byways that many great armies, philosophers, and ancient people have done, a walking tour around parts of Greece is definitely the best way to do it.