Heritage Tourist Attractions In Melbourne Australia


Visiting heritage tourist attractions in Melbourne offers the opportunity to glimpse into the passionate past of this interesting city, Melbourne Australia. From the 1850s, Melbourne has its heydays owing to the gold rush that is well-known to the world.  Though there was this boom it followed with Melbourne high points that were the late nineteen thirties and forties Bohemian heydays.

Today, Melbourne Australia is a exciting city with an influx of immigrants arriving from all parts of the world. It is a growing and passionate city that is rich in presenting cultural variety. It is a haven for sports lovers, besides being the center for entertainment and a shopping capital.

Here are a few sightseeing tips presenting the past and present, the high times of Melbourne, through the monuments. They also make great Melbourne Tours. These all time notable places are:

Lanes and arcades: The most interesting lane is the Flinders lane. It is the Melbourne’s art galleries in the west end. The Flinders Lane is between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets and the lanes in the Centre Way make up for the café culture in the Melbourne city heart. Right from the Center way towards the Collins Street, allows you to enter the historic Block Arcade and Royal Arcade connecting through Bourke Street mall. There are the famous arcade in Melbourne and also the lavish edifices of the golden days of Melbourne.

China Town: This place offers a glimpse into the gold rush days in Melbourne. This is the oldest Chinatown in Australia housing numerous Asian shops and restaurants. There is a Chinese Museum and also a 100m long Chinese Dragon, one of the largest in the world.

The Royal Exhibition Building: This Royal Exhibition Building presents another relic located in the Carlton Gardens. It is the oldest exhibition pavilions having the remaining making the best showcase of the riches and expansion of Melbourne’s. It is used today as an exhibition hall, providing many opportunities to admire the decorated halls.

Close to the Carlton Gardens is the Lygon Street that originated with the immigration of the early Italian. It is now a Melbourne tourist attraction featuring Italian cafes and restaurants, offering dining and wining in the footpath, interlaced with plenty of boutiques and shops.

The Royal Botanical Garden is developed as the finest in the world. It is just a short walk and a fascinating place to relax among the mature trees, lakes, and ambient corners.

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