Hot New Trends in Accommodations


There was a time when booking your accommodations for any trip was a long and arduous process. You had to find a travel agent or you had to know the area and make a dozen phone calls to simply book a hotel room. Of course, the internet has changed all of that. Today with applications such as Trip Advisor and the ability to look up hotels in any city, booking has become so much easier. But the hotels themselves are still the same. Or are they? A new kind of accommodation has sprung up that many travellers are taking advantage of today. They are more than a hotel room but less than booking that fantasy villa along the Mediterranean coast we have always dreamed about. Here are a few new trends you should be aware of when planning that next holiday trip.

The Rise of AirBnB

Probably the single largest impact on how we find accommodations through the web for our vacations is the rise of online bed and breakfast agencies such as AirBnB. While some may find the idea of staying in another person’s home will fill them with dread, others find it an adventure in itself. Beyond the cost advantage that many enjoy, this new way of hoteling while traveling can sometimes mean getting a personal up-front view of a typical life in a town or city. While not for everyone, staying at a bed and breakfast through one of these agencies is a more personal way of travelling that is catching on all across the world. But it isn’t the only way to travel.

Hotels and More

For many of us, a stay in a hotel can feel cold and impersonal. That little bedroom and bathroom suite in a high-rise tower in some strange city may not be your idea of how you want to holiday. If you are including Copenhagen in your itinerary there may be a very interesting alternative to just booking your ordinary hotel room. We recently discovered the hotel apartments in Copenhagen that are a very different and welcoming way to travel, particularly for families on vacation.

These ingenious combinations of both worlds give a family the ease of booking just like a hotel, but the room of an actual apartment. While this may not matter for the single traveller, for family vacations this is a great experience. They tend to include both kitchens and living rooms, making it a perfect get-away for a family.

Camping Still King

While hotels and apartments are all very fine, for many nothing quite beats the experience of the great outdoors for a holiday. It is true that prices have gone up as the need for campsites near urban centers has increased over the years. But once you begin to explore camping grounds in more remote locations, the opportunities for some real camping adventures at a reasonable price increase. For families that want to just get away from it all, finding a favorite camping ground far from any town or city can soon become a home away from home. Many families will return to the same campground year after year once they have found one that works for them.

So, from camping to high rise hotels, the key to finding the right accommodations may be variety and a good search on the web. Whatever your family loves to do on their holiday, chances are you can find it on the web, and within your budget.