Should you hire an Immigration Professional to Move to Canada?


Do you really want to immigrate to Canada soon? If so, then do not hesitate to get a reputable immigration adviser. But if you decide to seek the help of a professional, make sure you pick one who is either a Canadian consultant or lawyer who has membership to the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. Hiring somebody who is not a member of this organization can result in the return of your application. And choosing not to disclose you are getting help from a consultant could have your application being refused for misrepresentation and you could end up being barred from the country for up to two years. Check the organization’s website to verify the membership of your consultant.

People hire immigration consultants due to many reasons including desire to have everything ready professionally, lack of time and assurance the application won’t be refused or returned due to a technicality. Although the guides and forms published on the CIC site are available to everybody, they are not exhaustive. Usually, they can be misleading.

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What About Self-Assessment Tools

You cannot depend on these tools which will not provide you the whole picture. Perhaps you can conclude you are fully qualified. You then submit your immigration application only to find out later that the visa officer considers you as unqualified. A lot of people can fit into the ideal immigrant profile. But more of them may have to show more documents and work harder than other applicants.

Benefit of Hiring a Canadian Representative

A Canadian representative can get information on your case when it takes long or when you encounter any unjust treatment. You can expect a great representative to fight for you, keep track of your application processing and address concerns before causing serious issues. An excellent counsel won’t promise you success. The consultant is not the one who will issue immigration visa, rather the visa officer. Just expect the counsel to try his best and serve in your best interest all the time.

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You need to begin the right way at first. It won’t be easy to overturn negative decision and can be pricy in the long run. Great counsel is your future’s best investment. Choose one a dependable package from a great consulting firm to be sure you will be in the dependable hands of a professional consultant.

Difference in Charges

When looking for a great consultant who would fit best for you, do not focus on price only; rather, the complexity of services provided and the person’s willingness to personalize his services. A number of professionals charge minimal fees, others charge double or even more. It is imperative to ask the inclusions in the fee including courier or postal services and application updates. Also, know if the counsel is always available whenever you need him. What about if your application has been submitted? Will your counsel be still available after you land?

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Hiring somebody to prepare your immigration application does not guarantee preferential treatment or faster processing. It is helpful in getting through the process without delays and mistakes and having an advocate when something goes wrong with your immigration.

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Johan is immigration professional. He has written hundreds of blog posts on how to immigrate to Canada.