The Cayman Islands Vacation Checklist


Planning a vacation is no easy feat, especially if you are going with a large group. Solo travelers can often make things up as they go along. Families on a holiday don’t have as much freedom because there are so many needs that have to be attended to. The ones in-charge of organizing the trip should start early to avoid a chaotic buzzer beater finish. Start by doing a lot of research on the place to get a better sense of what’s in store for you. Ask the family members for their inputs on the different aspects of the trip.

Cayman Islands Vacation Checklist2


The first thing that you need to think about is getting the plane tickets from your state to the islands. The nearest airport in your city might not be offering direct flights so you will have to book multiple tickets for the trip. Getting everyone on the same flight can be difficult if you are trying to find seats at the last minute. Make your booking as early as possible to keep everyone on one plane. You will also have a bigger chance of finding discounts this way. Look out for seat sales and other promos.


Next, think about your home away from home. The place should be able to accommodate everyone so you would need a sizeable suite. Hotels are notoriously expensive in the island. If you aren’t prepared to splurge a fortune on the rooms, then consider booking a condominium unit instead. With a 3 bedroom condo Seven Mile Beach location you can have the ideal tropical holiday. Enjoy an ocean view whenever you go to the balcony. It’s the dream life, if only for a while. Check out the options along the beach and make your reservations before others do.


While you’re there, try to sample everything that the island has to offer. This includes food, places and events. There are lots of excellent restaurants here offering a wide range of global cuisine. But if you want to taste the flavors of Cayman, then avoid these and go instead to the markets where there will be small eateries serving local fish cooked the way residents like it. This is also much cheaper than other places in town. Check the calendar for events that might be going on at the same time that you’re here. Sometimes there are parades and other festivities celebrated by the locals.

Cayman Islands Vacation Checklist1

These are also a lot of places that you might want to visit including the popular tourist spots and lesser-known places. The Seven Mile Beach is an attraction in itself with shops and other establishments that merit a peek. Adventurous ones will want to go for a snorkel or a dive in some of the best coral reefs around the island. Surfing, jet skiing, and sailing are also in the cards along with many other water sports. Don’t forget to look inward as well. The interiors have some fascinating sites for you to discover such as old ruins, botanical gardens, and secluded beaches.