The Importance of Travel Insurance and How to Find a Good Deal


Now that the winter is here, it’s nice to take the opportunity to escape to a country that has more desirable weather conditions. Alternatively, you might want to use this season as an excuse to get out your snowboarding gear and enjoy a winter vacation. You work hard all year to provide for your family and put a roof over your head, so you deserve the chance to blow off some steam from time to time by jetting off to unfamiliar lands. Plus, now might be the time to enjoy a budget getaway by taking advantage of the January sales.

However, if you are intending to travel this winter, you really shouldn’t forget to purchase travel insurance because accidents can and do happen. Of course, most people enjoy their holiday with no problems at all, but it’s best to be insured as to be prepared for any situation. Unfortunately, people will often forget to purchase Travel Insurance when travelling for New Year’s Eve, and it’s no surprise given the chaotic nature of the season. However, finding a good deal for your travel insurance takes no time at all, and doing so will give you peace of mind that help is available should anything go wrong.

Let’s face it, holidays are meant to be filled with excitement and joy, but we can probably all recall a getaway that didn’t quite go as planned. Even if you find the perfect destination and plan out all your activities in advance, you can never be certain that nothing at all will go wrong. Travel insurance doesn’t just cover you for accidents – it also covers you for lost luggage, flight cancellations, medical expenses and more. Keep reading below to find out why you definitely need to purchase travel insurance as well as some tips on how to find the best cover for you.

Why You Need Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often overlooked as an unnecessary expense, but too many people have learnt the hard way that insurance is absolutely vital. Medical bills and hospital fees abroad can be sky high, and the last thing you want from your holiday is to be left in a huge amount of debt. Here are some of the main things you’re covered for with travel insurance:

  • Accidents

It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve been snowboarding or skiing, there’s always a small chance you could get into an accident. If you have an accident near the top of a mountain, you might need to be airlifted to the nearest hospital, and helicopter rides are far from cheap. Travel insurance means you won’t have to cover the costs of airlifts of hospital fees, meaning you can attempt some daring trails without the looming fear of huge costs in the back of your mind should anything go wrong.

  • Lost luggage

You might think that losing luggage isn’t as serious as having an accident, but you might have to spend a lot of money replacing lost items. You might have designer clothing, expensive sports equipment, laptops, tablets and other costly items packed in your suitcase, and you need to know that you’ll be reimbursed for the cost of replacing such belongings if somebody else is responsible for their disappearance. Of course, the chances of an airline or travel company losing your luggage are slim, but it has happened before and will almost certainly happen again.

  • Flight cancellations

If you don’t have travel insurance, you might not receive any money at all in the case of your flight being cancelled. While some airlines will attempt to put you on another flight or offer you a refund to bolster their customer service offering, you may end up simply losing your cash if your flight is cancelled. Travel insurance is there to ensure you get your money back no matter what the situation, and though you still won’t be happy that your trip has run into problems, you’ll feel much happier knowing you’ll be financially reimbursed at the minimum.

  • Medical expenses

Hospital visits aren’t always a result of an accident, so you need to remember that you or any of your family members may get sick while abroad. You ought to make sure you’re aware of where the medical facilities are located, but it’s also vital to ensure you won’t be liable to cover the costs. Doctor’s fees and hospital visits can be rather expensive, so make sure you have a comprehensive travel insurance deal that will cover the costs of any and all medical bills.

What Type of Cover is Right for You?

Needless to say, there are many different types of travel insurance available, and simply buying the cheapest cover isn’t always the best idea. When searching for travel insurance, make sure you take these factors into consideration:

  • Single or family package – You might be able to save some cash by insuring all your family members under one package. However, you might want to investigate whether it’s cheaper to insure everybody separately to ensure you get the best deal.
  • Pre-existing health conditions – Some people neglect to tell their insurer about their health condition in a bid to save cash, but that usually results in the cover being void. Always be honest with your insurance company even if it slightly raises the price.
  • Activities – If you’re planning a winter skiing getaway this season, you need to make sure you purchase insurance that has you covered for potentially dangerous activities.
  • Single trip or annual cover – If you go on holiday on a regular basis, you might be able to save cash by purchasing annual cover.

Make the Most of Your Holiday

As aforementioned, most holidays go exactly as planned and turn out to be extremely exciting getaways, but that doesn’t mean accidents never happen. As long as you purchase comprehensive travel insurance, you can go on holiday knowing that you’re prepared for any and all mishaps.