Three Reasons to Holiday in Italy


There are few places in the world quite as beautiful and absolutely enriched with culture than Italy and you simply cannot spend a lifetime without visiting this country at least once. The men and women who call this part of the world home are happy to help you become acclimated to the new environment and culture and you may yet bring home a new friendship after your stay. That said, there is far too much to Italy to see in just a single trip, which is why walking tours are your best option if you want to see a great deal of Italy’s beauty during a relatively short stay.

Natural Beauty

There are areas of Italy that appear to be untouched by human hands and will likely remain this way for centuries to come, making Italy walking holidays a unique option to consider. Italy is home to rolling green hills, spectacular sunsets, and much more that cannot be accurately described with mere words and that must be experienced in person to truly comprehend. Some of the most stunning coastal areas in Europe exist here and you will walk along the beaches for hours without reaching their end or running out of spectacular sights to behold.

Red Wine

Whether or not you consider yourself a great lover of wine, you cannot visit Italy on a walking tour without sampling some of the amazing red wines that have been in high demand for centuries. There are whole villages that create amazing wines that you may sample upon your visit and many places are yet untouched by the tourist masses so you may cycle through the area with your group and see the best of the country without the crowds. Since you are purchasing this wine directly from Italy, the prices of this delicacy are also dramatically lower, allowing you to sample from options that may not be within your budget back at home.

The Food

You simply cannot visit Italy for any length of time without sitting down to a homemade Italian dinner and many of the restaurants that line the streets have been around for hundreds of years serving the same delectable recipes. The pasta is particularly delightful and highly varied in style, taste, and appearance, meaning that you may yet try a new dish every day of your stay without running out of available options. Every village and city that you pass through during your walking tour will have a dish unique to that region or even recipe variations of the same dish so that you never taste the same meal twice during your stay.

Italy is a place unlike any other and this is where you will truly make some of your best memories. A walking tour will also allow you to exercise and remain fit during your stay, effectively helping you to avoid the usual kilo or two gained during a long holiday.