Tips for Planning Your Trip to Bristol


If you are planning to stay in Bristol for holiday, there are several key areas that you should check out while you are there. Bristol has recently become a very popular tourist destination. Many people enjoy visiting the area because of its rich culture and history, while others prefer the busy city scene and local attractions. Within the past few years, the dock in the centre of the city has been renovated and now connects the popular location to the sea.

While planning your trip, be sure to check out the most affordable flights from Aberdeen to Bristol so that you can save as much money as possible. This will allow you to have more spending cash while you are staying in Bristol.

The Top Places to Visit While Staying in Bristol

From popular landmarks to amazing attractions, you will never run out of fun things to do while staying in Bristol. Here are a few top places to visit, recommended by tourists who have visited the city.

Cabot Tower

This extraordinary tower offers fantastic views of the city and is well worth the climb. It is free to visit this historic landmark located just off Park Street and you can enjoy an impressive 360-degree view of many other favourable attractions such as the SS Great Britain and the Suspension Bridge. The tower was built during the 1890s to honour the 400th anniversary of John Cabot’s journey from Bristol to the undiscovered land that would later be known as Canada.

Brunel’s SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain is an impressive museum ship that has the ideal balance of information and hands-on interaction. It is a fun attraction that the entire family can enjoy. There is a café on site as well as a gift shop where you can find a souvenir to take home. The SS Great Britain was the longest passenger ship in the world between 1845 and 1854. It was the very first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic.

The Clifton Suspension Bridge

If you are staying in Bristol, you must experience the beauty of the Clifton Suspension bridge during the evening hours when the lights are on. It is the most impressive view of the city. This iconic piece is a grand example of superior engineering. The bridge was designed by William Henry Barlow and John Hawkshaw. It has been a toll bridge since it was first opened in 1864. You must pay £1 to pass each way and all the income goes to pay for the maintenance of the bridge.

Bristol Museum & Art Gallery

The Bristol Museum & Art Gallery is in Clifton and just a short distance from the centre of the city. It includes a great collection of Eastern art, geology displays, and artefacts from Bristol’s rich history. There are sections of the museum that feature local and natural history exhibits and international archaeology. The museum hosts several events throughout the year that include workshops and gallery curator lectures. It is open from Tuesday to Sunday between 10am and 5pm.