Top Camping Spots In Florida


There is truly no more legendary camping destination in America that Florida for road trippers. This state features perfect weather all year round, an incredible amount of scenery and sites and activities, and two different sunny coasts, making it a longtime favorite of RV travelers. There is also a diverse range of terrains to be found from the aforementioned beaches to the amazing swamplands to long stretches of forest. If you’re thinking of taking an RV rental journey in the Sunshine State, there are a wide range of RV parks that are located in great areas and are perfectly suitable to any style of camper. Check out these parks depending on which area you are traveling in and you will surely be satisfied.

Topsail Hill Preserve State Park, Santa Rosa Beach

At Topsail you can hook up at one of  the 156 comfortable big rig friendly sites at Gregory E. Moore RV Resort. This spot is located right inside the park so you won’t even have to drive at all to see your destination. All it takes is a short tram ride down to one of the most unbelievable beaches in the state, Santa Rosa Beach, which is known for its perfect weather and unbelievable views. Hiking trails in the area will give you access to Morris and Campbell Lakes, two unique coastal dune lakes that can only be found in a handful of places in world.

Cruise Inn RV Parks & Campgrounds

Across the state there are 40 different Cruise Inn locations in many different areas. No matter which region you are traveling in, chances are there will be a Cruise Inn conveniently nearby. Cruise Inn is well known for its efficiency and well maintained grounds. Experienced travelers have long known this to be one of the most efficient and consistently excellent camping locations in the state. Unlike lots of the other big chains, Cruise Inn keeps the same level of quality across all its locations, assuring that you will get the same levels of comfort and service at each one. The staff is known to be friendly and there is free WiFi all throughout each location. If you are looking for comfort and consistency, then Cruise Inn can be your go-to spot when passing through Florida.

Anastasia State Park, St. Augustine

Any traveler looking to explore the splendor of St. Augustine will find the perfect spot to set up camp at this classic RV park. Downtown St. Augustine is only 10 minutes from the camp, giving you direct access to one of the most quant and scenic towns in the state. If you’re staying here you will definitely want to set aside plenty of time to relax in the park since there is much to enjoy here. You can hit the beach, head out on the trails, or just relax in this scenic and comfortable camp. When it comes to options for things to do and see, Anastasia is easily one of the top destinations in the state.

Fort Pickens Campground, Pensacola

If you drive on Fort Pickens Road in the Gulf Islands National Seashore region, the scenery gets more and more gorgeous. Here you have 200 sites nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Pensacola Bay, offering a great location for hiking, beach activities, and exploring Fort Pickens and the other military gun batteries nearby. This has long been a hotspot for RV rental travelers due to its unique flavor and variety of interesting things to do in the immediate vicinity. If you’re looking for a destination that just can’t be duplicated anywhere else, then this is entirely recommended.

Florida Caverns State Park, Marianna

Florida has a wide variety of natural wonders, but none are more unique than Florida Caverns State Park and its system of unbelievable caves. Here you will have the chance to see colorful stalagmites, stalactites, and other incredible rock formations on one of the cave tours on offer. This is not to mention above ground activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking on the amazing Chipola River, all of which can be done within the vicinity of the park. This unique and wondrous location has long been a favorite for campers, and it won’t take you long to find out why.

Anybody traveling in an RV rental through the amazing state of Florida can take solace in the fact that there are dozens of campsites throughout the state that feature incredible services, top comfort, and amazing locations for campers. No matter which region you may be traveling in, you can rest assured there will be a number of great sites to choose from where you can enjoy a high comfort rate while exploring the surrounding territory. With its beaches and year round quality weather, you just can’t beat Florida for a road trip.