Various Reasons to Visit Portugal for an Exotic Vacation


A holiday in Portugal would offer you with an opportunity to explore the land of fabulous sandy beaches. Remarkable neatly terraced vineyards and honey-coloured limestone cliffs producing strong vines and vintage port have backed the nation for a long time. Sleepy white washed villages that have been nestling in the hills are not far from various holiday resorts. The vibrant historic cities have been known to bustle with life and edge over with history and culture of the nation. Having plenty of discount flights to Portugal to be boarded from all over Europe, the time has been appropriate for your trip to Portugal. For best travelling and exploring experience, ensure you book Uniktour.

What would get you going in Portugal?

Find below some of the things to explore that would get you going on your Portugal vacations.

Nature at its best

Tour the north and Douro Valley for magnificent scenery along with steeply terraced vineyards. You could also explore the Algarve for scented orange groves, Ria Formosa National Park and stunning Monchique mountains. There have been approximately twelve national parks in Portugal.porto-12048

Explore the amazing cities

Portugal offers an abundance of UNESCO heritage cities. The nation has to offer historic centres such as Oporto, Sintra and Evora for your perusal. Lisbon has been known to offer historic monuments, museums, fashionable restaurants and bars.

Exotic beaches to cool your heels

Ranging from huge stretches of golden sand embraced closely by craggy honeycomb cliffs in the Algarve to rolling waves and small coves on the north and Silver coasts, Portugal has it all that would want you to kick back and relax in the sandy beaches or take a swim in the cool waters.maldives-vacation

Exquisite food suiting your taste

It would not be wrong to suggest that Portuguese dine late. They prefer to hang around their meals. Usual dishes have been inclusive of bacalhau, which is salted and sun dried codfish, served in a wide number of ways. You could also dig in caldo verde or green cabbage soup, roast kid or cabrito and fish stew or seafood cataplana. These have been some of the favourite foods of Portugal.


The Portuguese relish to party. Therefore, the bars and clubs have been open until dawn. You would be able to spot celebrities at famous bars.



There have been several wine-growing regions all over the nation. The best known wine regions have been the Douro in the north, where port wines and rich reds have been known to be produced in the cellars of Alentejo, Oporto and Minho.