Why you should visit Chennai for your next vacation?


If you are a constant traveler and love exploring stunning vistas, then South India will be a delight for you. This place offers you plenty when it comes to both culture and historical places. After all, it is home to Fort St George which was built in the year 1644.

Why you should visit Chennai for your next vacation? This question has not one but many answers as there is a lot to do in this beautiful south Indian city which is also known for its long beach – Marina beach.

Higginbothams bookstore

For all the bibliophiles and travelers who are always looking for the vintage books and a great place to immerse themselves, then this bookstore will resonate with you. It has plenty of English-language books and maps as well. Who wants to go on a trail of adventure with the help of a map?

Nalli Silks

What better place to buy the silk sarees than from the city which uses it the most and also manufactures the best silk throughout the globe. If you want to shop, then this place will give you silk sarees in all the colors you could imagine. There are dhotis available as well. The silk sarees that you get here are special compared to other parts of the country because they are Kanchipuram silk. Chennai has amazing stores for jewelry shopping as well.

Eat the best that South India has to offer

Murugan Idli Shop

Fan of authentic South Indian food? Then your wish of tasting the best idli and dosas will come true in this quaint chain shop run by Madurai-born people. People come to taste their food every day and their customers include lots of tourists. They give you the proper south Indian meal and the hospitality is simply marvelous.


Dakshin’s menu includes more dishes and cuisines from other south Indian states as well. You get food of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka as well. The Andhra fish curry is one of their most popular dishes and you can have something from their whiskey and wine menu as well. The ambiance and setting of the restaurant is gorgeous as it imitates the stones and pillars of the temples that you find in the city. Music is also played in the background.

Copper Chimney

Are you a die-hard meat lover? Then this restaurant will be your paradise. It has lip-smacking north Indian tandoori dishes which are highly recommended. Of course, the veg platter is equally sumptuous. The Machhi Tikka skewers are something that you should definitely try when you are in the city.

So, if you always thought that Chennai was only churches and beaches, then you have been proven wrong as it offers authentic cuisines and platters, restaurants and hotels in Chennai which will be enough for you to come back for more. Of course, it has beautiful churches like the San Thome Cathedral and they are mesmerizing in their own right. Explore this jewel of a city for your next vacation.